Seoul-based Naver Whale signs MOU with Vietnamese education platform Phenikaa

Naver Whale, a free web browser developed by South Korean technology company Naver Corporation, is entering the global market with its EdTech technologies.

According to the company, they have signed an agreement to build Vietnam’s smart education environment using Whale Space and Whale Book with Phenikaa Group, the largest EdTech company in Vietnam. Whale Space is a website through which users can access up to 50 software programs related to education. It is currently used by 17 Korean regional education offices.

Phenikaa Group is an IT and education technology company that operates Phenikaa University in Hanoi, Vietnam, as well as elementary, middle and high schools, and develops learning management systems (LMS).

Naver and Phenikaa Group have agreed to develop and release the Whale Space platform optimized for local educational environments in Vietnam. Whale Space offers various educational solutions on the web, and users can use the solution anywhere with a Whale Space account. In Korea, Whale Space offers about 50 educational solutions, the company said in a statement.

The signing ceremony was held in Hanoi, Vietnam and was attended by Phenikaa Group CEO Le Yen Thanh and Naver Whale CEO Kim Hyo.

Commenting on the last move, Head of Naver Whale, Kim HyoHe said:

“The signing of this memorandum of understanding is a recognition of the growth potential of Naver’s education technology business in the global market.”

Kim further added:

“We will be actively investigating whether the Whalebook laptop will be able to create synergy with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7c computing platform and others.”

In addition, Naver will see the collaboration with Phenikaa Group as an opportunity for Korean EdTech startups affiliated with Whale Space to enter Southeast Asian markets, including Vietnam. It will also actively sign partnerships with local solution developers.

Kwon Oh-hyung, Qualcomm’s senior vice president and president of the company’s Asia-Pacific business, also attended the ceremony to discuss a possible collaboration between Qualcomm and Naver regarding the Whalebook portable device.

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