Renaissance Acquires Whole Child MTSS Illuminate Education Management Platform

Renaissance, one of America’s largest providers of reading, math and assessment solutions for preschools and districts, has acquired Illuminate Education for an undisclosed amount.

Although neither company issued an official press release or statement, the acquisition was announced on both companies’ websites and in an email sent to Illuminate customers on August 24.

The acquisition follows a January cyberattack on Illuminate Education that led to a data breach that affected two of the nation’s largest school systems — the New York City Public Schools and the Los Angeles Unified School District — among others.

Founded in 2009, Illuminate Education partners with educators to reach new levels of student achievement and empower teachers with data that serves the whole child. Its solution brings together holistic data and collaborative teaching tools that help educators accurately assess learning, identify needs, align support to the whole child, and drive school improvement. More than 17 million students and 5,200 districts and schools nationwide use Illuminate’s MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) solutions for whole children, according to their website.

Illuminati’s solutions include MTSS Management, Comprehensive Assessment, Social-Emotional Behavior, Universal Screening, Progress Monitoring, Dyslexia Screening, Data Visualization, and Equity and Disparity among others.

In his letter to Illuminate customers, Renaissance CEO Chris Bauleke wrote: “Our mission to accelerate learning for all is closely aligned with that of Illuminate. … The addition of Illuminate to the Renaissance ecosystem deepens the company’s assessment capabilities and extends its commitment to keeping teachers at the center of classroom decision-making by providing actionable insights and personalized instruction to accelerate learning.”

With the acquisition, Illuminate products will now operate under the Renaissance name. “The Illuminate products you know and love will continue to operate under the Renaissance name, and with Renaissance you have a partner dedicated to providing world-class products, services and solutions to help teachers teach better, students learn better and educational leaders lead better,” said Bauleke.

In the letter, the CEO of Renaissance also mentioned the data breach.

“You may also know that earlier this year, prior to Renaissance’s acquisition, Illuminate determined that certain systems containing potentially protected student information were vulnerable to unauthorized access,” Bauleke wrote. However, it claimed that unauthorized access to protected student information was “isolated to two Illuminate products (Data Driven Classroom, IO Assessment) and one tool (IO Admin) used to transfer data to or from other products.” Bauleke also pointed out that the companies have no evidence that the data was misused.

Renaissance is a global leader in assessment, reading and math solutions for preschools and schools and districts. More than one-third of U.S. schools and approximately 16.7 million students worldwide use Renaissance products to accelerate learning, according to the company’s website.

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