Online education management app provider Bodhi AI raises $200K

Bodhi AI, a Jaipur-based online education application management service provider, recently raised $200,000 in a funding round from The Marwari Angels (MAAN), Founders Angel Network (FAN), JIIF Shark Angels (JSA), UIncept, Ivy Growth and POD .

Angel investors Harsh Pokharna, founder of OK Credit, and Bhola Meena, founder of Onlinetyaari, also participated in the round.

Founded by Prashant Pandey and Piyush Agarwal, Bodhi AI empowers educational institutions and educators by providing them with technology solutions that help improve student performance. Its school management system enables institutes to connect with students virtually and offers features like live video classes, screen sharing, video recording, course material creation, instant query resolution, multimedia question paper creation, etc.

Bodhi AI aims to give each student their own teacher to make their learning process more personalized. Its vision is to become the next Google search for live video and the marketplace for those creators looking to grow their audience and revenue. Currently targeting the EdTech sector, Bodhi AI is reinventing the student learning experience and helping teachers bring their classrooms online and market their courses.

According to co-founder and CEO Prashant Pandey, the need for a 1-on-1 personal assistant is evident from the fact that every question that requires discussion or research does not have quick or reliable solutions. He said the company is on a path to make 1-to-1 communication real-time interactive and engaging for every student.

Co-founder and COO Piyush Agarwal said every teacher is literally looking for ways to get more student enrollment and revenue. With those funds, he said, the company will aggressively help teachers grow their student base and grow their online revenue.

“EdTech players like Bodhi AI are a unique blend of artificial intelligence and content delivery platform that provides students with a highly responsive platform for their quick query resolution requirements. With an ever-changing technology landscape – Bodhi AI is at the top of the evolution curve focusing on instant problem solving and providing a scalable platform for educators to generate leads for their coaching or teaching business. It is definitely a unicorn in the making,” said Subhash Tripathi of Founders Angel Network & Marwari Angel Network.

In March 2022, Bodhi AI acquired Skoolstream, a Kota-based EdTech startup that helps institutes and educators take their brand online, to strengthen content offerings and technical infrastructure, and empower teachers and students with a personalized learning experience.

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