Brazil-based UOL EdTech launches its Studenta platform for Latin American students

UOL EdTech, the largest educational technology company, recently announced the expansion of its operations in Latin America with the internationalization of its vertical B2C company, Passei Direto, the largest Brazilian academic social network, with the launch of the brand Studenta, with an investment of R$ 30 million over the next two years .

In pursuit of its goal of increasing access to knowledge and the digital transformation of education, Studenta offers students across Latin America a network of collaborative learning with access to materials, summaries, lists of exercises, articles and all things related to learning, in one place.

Just as students across Brazil now use Passei Direto, the expansion and internationalization of the social network, through the new brand, brings the collective experience and exchange of knowledge to every Spanish-speaking country in Latin America.

Commenting on the latest developments, Chief Executive Officer of UOL EdTech, Alex AugustoHe said:

“The expansion of the brand to Latin America brings added value to users and a more complete experience. Passei Direto is a huge success story in Brazil, it has grown exponentially, helping students to achieve their goals strongly, because through student exchanges we are a contribution to education. In other words, technology itself is the one that connects people, and Passei Direto is a great example of that. Our goal is to take our knowledge from Brazil and apply it to other markets as part of the international expansion plans for the UOL EdTech ecosystem.”

Augusto further said:

“We want to be the best studio network in the world, and internationalization to Latin America is the first step towards reaching new markets.”

The new Studenta brand puts the student in the center of everything through its name, and the root “stud”, which is present in many languages, is easy to interpret and recognize. Visually, the logo is an evolution of the current Passei Direto plasterboard and the brand’s color palette. His identity explores the fun, moody and youthful universe of the studio.

Founded in 2012, Passei Direto provides a proprietary digital platform where content producers and students create and share materials covering a wide range of knowledge. In Brazil, the company claims to have more than 4 million active users, out of a total of over 37 million registered users, 14 million shared content and almost 64 thousand disciplines at all levels of learning, and as of 2021, a digital education system is part of UOL EdTech. The expansion increases its potential impact, allowing it to reach approximately 70 million new students.

Co-founder and director of Passei Direto, André Simõeshe added:

“We are taking our first step in expanding to the whole of Latin America in 2022. Passei Direto is an extremely scalable platform and its impact on collaborative learning is huge, considering that the more users are connected and the more content is shared, the more value there is for everyone .”

UOL, started in 2017 with the goal of increasing access to knowledge, connecting solutions for students, universities and companies in a comprehensive digital ecosystem. The platform is part of the UOL Group – the largest content, technology, services and digital payments company in Brazil. The startup believes that the present of education is digital and is intensively working to develop technologies to transform the way students, companies and universities learn and teach.

The initiative to take the platform outside of Brazil comes amid a digital acceleration in education, fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, when educational institutions have reduced their traditional geographic boundaries and conducted classes remotely. With this new background, Studenta is here to reaffirm that it is possible to study online, with a study network that supports distance learning and encourages the exchange of knowledge.

UOL EdTech has made several investments to increase its portfolio of products and services. In April 2022, the company acquired Qulture.Rocks, a team performance management platform.

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