5 Psychology YouTube Channels You Must Follow

Humans are curious animals. They like to learn about things, especially the unknown. Psychology is one such field that fascinates many. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself intrigued and wondering how the human mind works.

Psychology, the branch of study of the human mind, can narrow these pursuits.

Even fields like law, social sciences, philosophy, etc. have psychology as part of their course or study. Given the pandemic and other uncertainties, and given the diverse backgrounds of job candidates, recruiters today prefer to conduct psychological assessments to assess the candidate’s aptitude.

YouTube is a great place for informal learning and has a wide range of videos that can help you understand almost any topic. Here is a list of the best psychology YouTube channels to help you understand psychology and related fields and feed your passionate minds.

1. BrainCraft

Vanessa Hill is the woman behind this channel. She is a behavioral scientist and science communicator. This channel will walk you through what’s going on in your head and impart crazy knowledge well enough to apply in your life. The channel features informative content on neuroscience, work from home tips, personality studies, attention issues, behavioral issues, creativity, sleep technology and more. Try quick experiments and learn tips, tricks and real-life application knowledge that can add value to your daily routine.

You can also find must-try “brain games” on this channel.

2. Psych2Go

Launched in 2017, this channel aims to raise awareness of mental health challenges and let people know they are not alone. The best part about the content on this channel is that it is easy to understand and relatable. The animations used in the videos make all the information interesting. By the end of the video, you will find yourself in a wealth of knowledge and awareness about mental health challenges. You’ll find amazing videos about personality theories, mental health disorders, myth busting, and other related stuff aligned with your everyday life. The channel also features quizzes and brain teasers.

3. Practical psychology

While most of the channels listed cover a wide range of topics, this one does what it says. Here you will find different, related and practically useful content. The channel covers financial advice, abandonment issues, theories of aggression, self-concept, blackmail, emotional well-being, cognitive psychology, social psychology and more. What makes this channel stand out is that all the videos are animated on the board and will keep you engaged.

Advice: Check out the “personality psychology” playlist.

4. Doctor Ali

The man behind this channel, Dr. Ali Mattu, is a clinical psychologist who will equip you with the right information to better understand your thoughts, actions and feelings. This channel is a gem to learn and understand the challenges of various psychological problems like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder etc. Psychology students can also benefit from live discussions and community activities. You’ll also find product reviews, psychologist career advice, mental health tips, TV/movie/book reviews and more.

5. SciShow Psych

SciShow Psych deals with the human brain and the way people interact with the world around them. This channel has great videos on cinematic psychology, psychology of the senses, decision making, consciousness, brain and stress, brain chemistry, the neuroscience behind language entanglements, and more mind-blowing information. The hosts, Anthony Brown, Brit Garner, and Hank Green, also cover groundbreaking studies, topics in historical psychology, and more that help us better understand the world.

Advice: Check out the playlist about the “science of memory”!

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