Delhi-based Gaming EdTech Startup Outscal Raises $1.5 Million From Kalaari Capital

Outscal, a Delhi-based gaming EdTech company, has raised $1.5 million in its seed round of funding from technology-focused early-stage venture capital firm Kalaari Capital.

Founded by Mayank Grover in 2018, Outscal is building a platform that focuses on gaming and improving Web 3.0. Understanding the talent shortage problem in the gaming industry, the platform aims to bridge the gap between college education and industry expectations.

Outscal helps candidates excel in game development and Web3 careers through mentorship and setup assistance. With a community-driven model, it allows students to connect and network with industry professionals who have years of experience making games. Students can connect with them in group sessions or 1-on-1 mentoring sessions.

Speaking about the platform, Mayank Grover, who is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and has previously worked with companies such as Electric Arts, DeNA, Kixeye, DEShaw and Junglee, said:

“There are over 5000+ technical colleges in India and yet we lack structured game development programs that are aligned with industry needs. On the other hand, companies end up having positions open for months or recruiting talent and then having to spend internal senior resources refining the talent pool for their needs. We bridge this gap between passionate builders of different ages and industry demands.”

Outscal has partnered with more than 100 game development studios, creating a strong network of potential employers. Some of its recruiting partners include PTW, GSN Games, EA, WINZO, Junglee Games, SUMO Digital and startups like nCore Games, LILA Games, Playshifu, among others. Starup’s Game Academy has two core products — one for companies or studios looking to hire talent, and the other for students and professionals.

Sharing why the firm invested in Outscal, Vani Kola, director of Kalaari Capital, said in a blog post,

“We at Kalaari believe that ‘Plug and play’ & ‘Games-as-a-Service’ are among the models that will accelerate development cycles for game studios. As demand for gaming jobs and infrastructure grows, bridging the talent-cost gap will be critical. We’re really excited to partner with Mayank and his team as they try to solve one of the biggest challenges in the gaming industry: the lack of tech talent.”

Claiming to be the only startup offering game development education, Outscal says it has successfully helped hundreds of passionate people land jobs at global game companies through its game development programs, many of whom have no coding experience.

Outscal is expanding its offer to acquire users who want to build projects in Web 3.0. The startup also targets independent game developers and individual creators who want to start their journey in the gaming industry.

The global gaming market is expected to exceed $230 billion in 2022. Games accounted for only 6.1% of global entertainment and media spending in 2017. By 2026, this share is expected to exceed 11%. While there is a huge demand for new gaming IPs, one of the biggest obstacles is a huge lack of gaming tech talent.

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